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Cortis Green Scheme

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Cortis Land & Tree Management are proud to announce the launch of our long awaited Green Scheme. We've been quietly working away at this since the beginning of the year so it's an exciting time for us as it finally comes into action!

We started out here in Spittalfield, Perthshire just 4 years ago as a tree surgery and ground management company. It was a giant leap of faith and giving up our regular jobs to really give this a go was a test of the nerves! We're fortunate to truly love what we do and we’ve grown considerably since then. We’re still just a small team but nowadays you’ll find us handling everything from large scale commercial projects through to wee family gardens across Perthshire and central Scotland.

While much of the tree surgery we carry out is for eradication of disease and the preservation of Perthshire’s trees, for a whole host of reasons, there are some trees that do require full dismantle. As highly trained arborists, we understand that the value of these trees can never be overstated.

We’d like to lessen our own environmental impact by making a very simple promise: our Green Scheme vows that we will always plant at least one native tree in Perthshire for every single one that we cut down. We’ll be providing the trees, the tree guards and the humans required to plant them, all free of charge. We’ll also be giving all of our clients and website visitors the option of donating for the planting of additional trees within the local community. If you'd like to add some trees for our replanting scheme, you can donate here

Did you know that research now clearly demonstrates that hospital patients with a view of trees or nature from their window have an accelerated rate of recovery? That's pretty special to us. The power of nature is profound and in need of our protection. Let's all do what we can.

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